Why Travel Solo – My Reasons For Travelling Solo Event

Many of you who read this article think ‘why Solo Event travel alone … you are crazy’, while others read this agree. As for all travel needs, individual tastes, interests and goals will be the concern of anyone traveling.

Solo Event travel alone

For me, personally, I prefer to travel alone, but it all comes down to the type of trip you do and what you plan to do … of course there are times when group or couple travel is unavoidable and of course follow being a great experience … all trips are. These times can be team getaways, events such as weddings or corporate and ready for a romantic getaway or honeymoon where I suppose you prefer not to travel alone.

Maybe you don’t have a partner, or maybe you didn’t know anyone else you would travel with … but you know with all your heart that you want to go, you have to go. The people who said they won’t stop your trip? If so, why not? Are they security issues, is it the unknown? These questions may be on your mind, but think of it this way … doesn’t it make it more exciting? Wouldn’t you feel more finished if you did?

Let me explain why I am traveling alone and why.

Avoid the drama of others Solo Event travel

Drama is often unavoidable as all people, including me, have some kind of drama in their lives. But in my experience below

A few years ago I was backpacking through Europe and after about a week I met a group of friends for about a month. At this point, the couple who were traveling with us had a bad breakup, which in turn almost interrupt another relationship. That night while this couple was fighting, bags were shake, wallets were stolen, and due to public outcry that was question by the police … and this was just the beginning of the drama that we were still to go through at Christmas after this. . When the whole group of friend had left, I felt relief and as if a weight had been lift from me.

You may not want to travel alone, but if you are single, my recommendation is that at least do not travel as a couple, not without at least some other single people there.

Indifference to ideas Solo Event travel

All travelers have their own ideas about what they want from their trip, and they should too. Commitment can be much easier as a couple and certainly traveling alone, but in a group it can be a nightmare. You may want to go to a museum you’ve always wanted to see where the others in your group just want to go to the pub.

The one with the numbers or the dominance is likely to win, putting you in an awkward position. Yes, you could go and go to the museum alone, but what do friends think of you and will they say about you later. You may not be able to be contact by phone, be in another country without a SIM card, which makes it much more difficult to meet and know when others return, etc.

I remember the car trip, we were only 2 hours from home with six boys and we had one of the worst possible weekends. Some of us wanted to eat shrimp, some of us wanted to go somewhere else to fish, and some of us just wanted to hang out at the beachside hotel and drink. The problem was, we were all stubborn, and since we only had one car and two sets of keys, it sparked arguments left, right, and center.

Living very close Solo Event travel

When traveling with other people, especially for long periods of time, make sure your travel companion is someone you can stay with for close to the time you are traveling. We all have friends that we know are good friends, but you could never live with them, maybe they are messy, maybe they are agile, the list goes on. If you can’t live with them … what makes you think you can travel with them?

Solo Event Travellers – Lets Enjoy!



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